Dr. Jingjing Xu is President and Managing Jingjing XuPartner of Meridian Century Holdings. Dr. Xu is formerly Managing Director in charge of Asia for Global Financial Group, a US venture capital fund of funds management company. At the age of 38, as the youngest and the only woman managing director, Dr. Xu worked with the GFG Next Generation Funds which has a network of 232 top venture capital funds and over 10,000 new technology companies in Europe and the US. Previously, Dr. Xu was an investment banker and CEO of American Institutional Investors Group. She also served as Managing Director of Global Telecommunications and Investment Group, an American investment banking group that has completed over US$5 billion in financing telecom projects in the developing countries. Prior to that, she was an attorney and Director of Asia-China Transaction Practice of Carroll, Burdick & McDonough LLP, a law firm headquartered in San Francisco, the US. She was in charge of the projects with the total project capital at US$2.7 billion, with the clients including the World Bank, WHO, and Fortune 100 companies. She was among the first attorneys who had not attended a US law school and was picked to lead a practice in a medium to large US law firm. She was one of the few attorneys working in the US and European law firms who were admitted to the Chinese Bar in the early 1990s.

Dr. Xu is a frequent featured speaker in the Sino-American investment forums organized by the World Bank, US Department of Commerce, American International Institutional Investors Association, Asian Venture Capital Journal, China Venture Capital Forum, China World Capital Forum, and Beijing-Silicon Valley Venture Capital Summit.

Dr. Xu has held board seats and management positions in the professional organizations and non-profit entities, including Founding President of Chinese American Cooperation Council, Vice President of Chinese American Business League, California, Board of Director of Chinese American IT Association, Executive Deputy Secretary of Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation, and Deputy Director of Asia-China Program, Claremont Institute of Economic Policy Studies and Adjunct Professor, Claremont Graduate University, the US.

Dr. Xu was admitted to Peking University at the age of 15, received her Bachelor of Law in 1983 and Master of Law from CICIR, Beijing in 1985 and Ph.D. in International Political Economy and American Government and Judicial System from University of California, Davis, the US in 1994. After she received her masters degree, she worked in the Chinese central government think tank as the youngest member of the team and received a Ford Foundation sponsored scholarship from the Institute of International Education, the US in 1987 to pursue doctoral education in the United States. In 2007, Dr. Xu was featured as Top 5 Women To Watch, the first Chinese American woman ever featured by the magazine for her dedication and contribution to the US-China exchanges.